May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #30 Holidays

1.What is your favourite type of holiday?
2.What do you do on holidays?
3.Are there many tourists visiting your country?
4.Do you have many holidays in China?
5.Do you like more national holidays?
6.What do you usually do on traditional holidays in China?
7.Who do you like to go on holiday with?

1.I like Chinese holiday, especially some Chinese traditional festival, for example, Chinese New Year, Mid-autumn festival, because my family will gather together.

2.I often go home and have dinner with my family. We will cook together and chat with each other.

3.Sure. China has become more and more popular recently, and foreign people prefer to visit China and traditional Chinese restaurant.

4.Not very much. We usually have holidays every two months. And people think holidays is never enough.

5.Sure. I can have a day off on national holidays, which means I don’t have to go to school and I can have time to do what I like.

6.Nothing special. I usually stay with my family, we may have a picnic and to go visit some relatives.

7.I’d like to go on holiday with my family, because I live in another city and can not stay with my parents for a long time. I only have time on holidays to go back to my hometown.