May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #32 Describe a time you enjoyed your free time

Describe a time you enjoyed your free time.
You should say:
When it was
Where you were
What you did
And how you felt about it

Last Saturday, I had nothing to do. So I stayed in my bedroom and read a book that I wanted to read for a long time. It’s called gone girl. It’s a brilliant story. Believe it or not, I stayed up all night to finish it that day. It’s too good to be put aside.

It’s the bestselling thriller of the year, written by a famous American author who’s written a few books of this kind. But this one’s my favorite. Actually, I watched the film before. I love the story. So that Saturday, I opened this book that I have bought several weeks ago. After reading it ,I have to say the it’s even better. The story is about betrayal and revenge. The husband betrays his wife, having a love affair with a young girl, and plans to divorce her on their fifth wedding anniversary. When he comes back home, he finds his wife missing. He calls the police .But later, he finds all the evidences point at him. He’s suspected of murdering his wife and put behind bars. At the end, he finds out it’s a revenge from his smart wife.

This book worth reading more than once. I spend my whole day reading it without any break. Only when my mother asked me to have dinner, I stopped reading. But as soon as I finished eating, I went back and continuing reading.
That day, I felt relaxed and was immersed in the plot. It was really a good day and I hope I will have more opportunities to read books quietly.

Part 3

Do you think most people are able to manage their free time?
I don’t think so. Many people don’t know how to spend their free time or spend the time in meaningless things like playing computer games. I think people should learn how to use their time more efficiently.

What’s the difference between the things people did in their free time in the past and the things they do nowadays?
Well, in the past, people didn’t have as many entertainments as people have nowadays. They would spend their free time chatting, reading or watching TV. But now, people can travel, watching movies, climbing, ect. People have more choices now.

What do people like to do when they are free in your country?
In China, the young people tend to hang out with friends. They will go shopping, travel or watch movies. While the old always dance or play chess with their friends in gardens.