May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #33 Water

1.Do you often drink water? Why? bottle water expensive in your city? bottle water different with tap water?
4.Do you have experience of thirsty?
5.What kind of water do you like to drink?


1.Yes. I drink water every hour during the day. I even set an alarm clock to remind me to drink water, which is good for my health.

2.No. It costs 1 or 2 yuan for one bottle of water.

3.Yes. In China, tap water cannot be drunk directly before it is boiled, so most of the Chinese in cities drink bottle water.

4.Yes. I often forget to bring my bottle with me when I go to the gym. I feel thirsty after a long-running. I know it’s a bad habit and I try to avoid that.

5.I like to drink hot water, even in the summer, because I have a terrible stomach, drinking cold water make me feel stomachache.