May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #35 Describe an occasion that you borrowed something from friends or family members

Describe an occasion that you borrowed something from friends or family members
You should say:
What the thing was
When you borrowed it
Whom you borrowed it from
And explain why you borrowed the thing
I’d like to talk about a backpack, which I borrowed from one of my former colleagues.

The reason was that I was invited to join in an outdoor club in 2006, this club organizes several DIY trips every year and in national holiday of 2006, the club would organize one trip for hikers to visit Qing hai Lake as well as Dun huang Mogao Caves, an oasis strategically located at a religious and cultural crossroads on the Silk Road.I was keen on these tourist attractions for a long time, so I decided to attend it.

However, I had no hiking experience at that moment and I even didn’t have any related equipment neither, such as walking boots, outdoor jacket and etc. But most importantly, I didn’t have a professional backpack which is the essential equipment for hiking trips. Considering the expensive price of a backpack and the first time for my DIY trip, I was inclined to borrow instead of buying a new one. The one I borrowed was not a famous brand but very useful and convenient for beginners. I used it to carry heavy loads or any sort of my other equipment,major for my clothes and digital camera. It could provide more mobility and compactness than a suitcaseand release my hands.

Part 3

Why people like to borrow stuff instead of buying stuff?
People will borrow stuff from others when they think the stuff are not worth to buy or maybe they cannot afford them.

What do you do if someone no pay back the money to you? Why?
I will ask the reason why he doesn’t pay me back, if the reason is understandable, I will forgive him. If not, I will never be his friend again.

Why people don’t like to borrow money from others?
People don’t like to have pecuniary interest with others. If you owe someone’s money, you will feel not be in an equal position.

What do you think Sharing economy in China?
China’s sharing economy is nascent but already impressive in scope. These include world–beaters such as Didi, which bought Uber’s china division in August 216 after a protracted battle between the two firms, and is now the world’s largest ride-hailing company.

What problem would happen when people borrow things?
Credit can be the most important thing when people borrow things from others. People will consider whether they will return things in time and intact.

Is it good for people borrow thing from neighbors or family? Why?
It’s hard to say. If people borrow something form neighbors or family and return in time, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

What kind of things do people often borrow?
People will not borrow daily necessities from other.Maybe they will borrow some expensive thing for emergency, or something that they will not use in daily life.