May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #37 Describe a party that you have join in

Describe a party that you have join in
you should say:
when did the party hold?
Where did the party hold?
Whose party?
What you did at the party?

The party I’d like to describe is the New Year eve party that I attended 2 years back. Our University friends invited me to join the party and I had to contribute some amount for that. The party held at a 3-star hotel where the teachers, students and their relatives attended. On the New Year eve, one of my friends gave me a call and then I picked up a taxi to reach the hotel. It was a beautiful hotel in our city. After I reach the hotel I found that it has been gorgeously decorated with lights. Our party was on the 2nd floor and I found most of my friends and some of the teachers already enjoying the party. A local music band was singing and people were wearing mostly party dresses. We enjoyed the party a lot and ate several local and foreign dishes. We started counting down the time at 11:59 pm and when the clock ticked at 12:00, we started shouting with the New Year wishes. We stayed at the party till 2.00 am and all those time we enjoyed our time every way possible.

Part 3

How do children celebrate birthday party? What do they do? Why?
They would like to invite several friends to their home and then have delicious food like crisp, French fries and birthday cake and play games together like hide and seek. For children, birthday is a special time to do what they like to do most which is not usually allowed by their parents.

What do people do in spare time? Why?
I think it varies from person to person because everyone’s interests are different. For me, I would like to watch tv series or go shopping with my friends in my spare time. While for my dad, he tends to go to the countryside to enjoy the slow life there.

Have you often attended parties? Why?
I’m not a person who likes party a lot because I think it’s trouble to think what to wear and what to chat with others who I am not familiar with. Instead, I prefer to stay alone to do something I like such as reading novels.

Why some people like/dislike parties?
I think there are some people who have the same reason for disliking parties as mine. While for those who enjoy attending parties, they probably like to make new friends.

Do the elder people like parties? Why?
I think for most of them, they don’t like parties because parties may be noisy to them. Besides, elder people tend to sleep earlier, while parties usually start late at night.

What’s the important event in people’s lives?
Prom must be one of the most important event in people’s lives because of its different meaning. That means a person step into a new stage in his life and he grows up to an adult after the prom.

Have you told your friends about the party you just mentioned? Why?
Yes, of course. I think the party I have told you is a unique and exciting experience to me. And every time someone ask me for advice about how to celebrate new eve with friends, I will tell them my experience for reference.