May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #38 Describe a lecture that left you a deep impression

Describe a lecture that left you a deep impression. you should say:
when it was
who had it
what it is about
and explain why you had a deep impression.

I ‘d like to talk about a commencement speech which I listened to no so long ago.
Couple weeks ago, I just graduated from my college. It’s a tradition. One of those professors would give us a brilliant commencement speech. I had listened to a number of lectures and speeches in my college life. But this one made me a deep impression. Let me tell you about it.

The speech was held in the lecture hall, which is located across the teaching building, about 5 minute walk away. It’s a modern building. It has advanced facilities. Since it’s been built many years ago, there were a number of famous professors had their lectures there. From time to time, some famous people would be invited here to pass on their knowledge and brilliant ideas.

The person who did the speech is a famous professor, who has been teaching auditing for over 3 decades. He’s a nice person, who ‘s intelligent, open-minded, and willing to reach out to make friends with students. We all love him so much. When he’s there giving the speech, we were so excited. That moment, he’s a superstar. In the speech, he gave the best wishes for all the graduates. He also gave us the most sincere advices for the future.
His Sense of humor made me a deep impression. He knows how to inspire us and at the meantime give us a good time.

Not like most professors, who are rigid and serious all the time. He’s a funny guy. In that speech, he had used some humorous internet expressions and those popular, funny words. That’s why I think his speech’s very interesting.

Part 3

Have you ever told anyone about this lecture?
because this lecture is quite impressive and I want to share my excitement with them.

How do you remember things when you go to a lecture? Why?
I will take notes of course. A good memory is no better than a short pen. If my pen can’t catch up the professor, maybe I will record this lecture with my phone so that I can listen to it after the lecture.

Do you take notes when you have lecture?
Of course. A good memory is no better than a short pen. when I take notes, I can review it after the lecture.

How to improve lecture? Why?
Famous person or professionals, I guess. They need regular lectures to show their work. for example, a scientist can tell people his research through lectures.

What kind of people need regular lecture? Why?
It’s hard to say. For me, I want to be a listener because I’m a bit shy and I’m still young and need to learn more until I can be a speaker.

Do people like to be a speaker or listener? Why?
Absolutely. When a lecture is interesting, it will catch people’s attention easily. The audience will be willing to listen to the lecture instead of thinking it’s boring and can’t concentrate on the lecture.