May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #39 Describe something you complaint about but satisfied with the result

Describe something you complaint about but satisfied with the result. you should say:
when it happened
who do you complain about
why you complaint about it
and explain why you satisfied with the result.

A month ago, I bought a pair of shoes online. I was really excited when I got the package since I really liked the shoes. However, when I opened the package and tried on the shoes, I found there was a scratch on one of the shoes. I felt disappointed an contacted the staff in the online shop where I bought my shoes through the APP “taobao”. I told the staff that there was a scratch on my shoes and I wanted to change another pair of shoes without scratch. At first, the staff refused my proposal and didn’t believe me at all. I tried to convince her and even took a photo of my shoes to illustrate the truth. After I talked to her several minutes, she agreed my proposal and gave me a discount to apologize for their carelessness. In the end, I received a pair of new shoes without any scratches. I felt pleasant about the result even though it spent me a longer time because I got a pair of shoes I loved and even some discounts. Additionally, the staff had a good service for me.

Part 3

Do Chinese people like to compliant? Why?
It depends. Some people like to make complaint, so they will compliant often. For me, I’m not the kind of person like to complain unless things are serious. Because i think sometimes we should be tolerant.

Are Chinese people reluctant to complain others? Why?
Actually not. When things are serious, Chinese people will complain without any hesitation. Because when buy something or pay for sth, we deserve the service in accordance with the money we pay. If the service is not good, we have the right to complain.

Does compliant work? Why?
Generally, it works. Because when a customer makes complaints, it means the company or staff don’t do well. They will listen to the complaint and make things better. Besides, if these companies don’t deal with complains properly, customers will tell others the bad service provided by these companies. As a result, these companies will be notorious. so they will handle complains carefully and try to avoid bad reputation.

Which way of compliant is better, face to face or written letter? Why?
Personally, I choose face to face communication. Because it’s of high efficiency and effectiveness. When we talk face to face, we can make things clear and the company will deal with my problems immediately instead of putting it off. If I write a letter, the company may have the excuses that they didn’t receive the letter or they forget to deal with it.

What would you do if you are not satisfied with your complaint result? Why?
I guess I have no other choice but to give up if my complaint wasn’t handed well. I think I will not buy things in this shop anymore and tell my friends this shop has bad service.

What are people usually complaint about? Why?
Quality of products, I think. Nowadays, people are getting richer and they want to enjoy a life of high quality. They care more about quality than other things.

Should company respond quickly when facing customer complaint? Why?
Absolutely. If companies don’t deal with complains as soon as possible, customers will tell others the bad service provided by these companies. As a result, these companies will be notorious. so they should handle complains carefully and immediately in order to avoid bad reputation.