May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #4 Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal

Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal
You should say:
Who this person is
What this person encouraged you to do
What this person have helped
And explain why this encouragement helped you to achieve this goal

I’d like to talk about my math teacher in high school, Mr.Wang. Whenever I take maths problems, the face of Mr.Wang readily appears in front of me.

I was poor at maths in my high school. I remember the time of one test. I had the idea of looking in my notebook secretly. Unfortunately, my secret was discovered by him, but he said nothing in front of my classmates to save my face. After the test, I was alone in the classroom and thought about what I had done. Mr.Wang called me from behind. My heart was beating fast and I guessed that a shower of scolding would fall on me. Nevertheless, instead, he said kind words to me and encouraged me to be an honest person. I was moved to tears.

After that, he helped me with my lessons after class and taught me how to apply the theoretical knowledge to the process of problem solving. Thanks to Mr.Wang’s patience and selfless contribution, I made progress little by little and achieved a relatively high score in the college entrance examination.


Have you told others about this story?
Well, actually I don’t remember I have told anyone else about this story. But if someone ask something related to that, I may mention it.

How to encourage children to study hard?
First and foremost, we should show kids that how important and interesting study is. After that, we shall encourage children to think by themselves and study on their own. Moreover, praising children for good behavior and excellent study performance takes effect as well, which can give children confidence. Meanwhile, we can offer children suggestions to improve the aspects they are poor at.

Who should encourage children more, teachers or parents?
I suppose parents should encourage children more. Compared with teachers, they spend more time with their children and the parents’ impact on their children will stay all through their lives. Hence, it is vital for parents to encourage children more.

Are there teachers in China punish students?
Yes, when I was in high school, if a student break the school rule, the teacher should punish the students to sound a public self-examination, clean the campus or .something else. Punishing students who have broken the rules is an important part of the internal management in school.

Should children have clear goals?
In my opinion, a clear goal is good for success so that I encourage children to have clear goals. There is power in a clear goal which can lead children to the path they want to go on and give them passion. Then they may be committed to their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals.

Why do you think being positive is important for people?
Positive thinking attracts all good things and positive vibes towards you. When your thoughts are positive, it is more possible for you to attract positive people, situations, circumstances and things towards you. This is called the law of power, where positivity attracts more positivity.

What do you think can encourage people to be positive and brave?
Having positive and brave friends around is a good way to encourage people to be positive and brave, because positivity always attracts positivity.

Have you ever been inspired by some people and what are the specific thing you learnt?
Yes, I have. When I was a kid, I heard about the story of Beethoven. When he went deaf, he composed his music by hacking the legs off his piano and sitting on the floor so he could feel the vibrations. His strong will really inspired me and I learned from him that I should never give up easily to all the defaults in my life.

How do you overcome difficulties and carry on?
Every time I run into a tricky problem, I always firstly try to figure it out by my own. I think about the problem carefully and deeply and try my best to find what on earth is the main cause of this problem. However, if I still couldn’t find the answer no matter how hard I try, I would search about it online and sometimes ask others for help.