May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #40 Describe a time when you look for information on the Internet

Describe a time when you look for information on the Internet
You should say:
When it is
How long it takes you
What you look for
And explain why you look for information on the Internet

I’d like to talk about the time when I searched on the Internet for some useful information. Last week, I prepared for my presentation about a business man. I decided to talk about Steve Jobs, who was the CEO, chairman and co-founder of Apple incorporated. I started to use apply products when I was a high school student and I’m very interested in his career and life.

It took me one hour to look for information. I found the websites and videos about Steve Jobs. In order to ?? my presentation, I wanted to found some information about how he become a pioneer of the microcomputer revolution, and become one of those geniuses that changed the world. On the Internet, I found his commencement speech at Standford university and the pdf of his autobiography, which helps me a lot.

Before I searched on the Internet, I went to my school library and local library. There were only two books about Steve and they didn’t mention much about his career. So I decided to search online.

Part 3

What kind of information you have to find online? Why?
We can find almost everything we need online. I usually find information about British universities online, because I’m planning to apply for British universities for my future study and I want to know more about them.

Do you enjoy finding information online? Why?
Yes. Finding information online is quicker than finding on books, and I can find information from foreign website, with pictures, videos and others’ comments.

What’s the disadvantage of searching online? Why?
The validity of the information online are doubtful, even on some professional website. Some people will upload some false information to mislead the public.

How is the quality of search results?
We need to judge the quality and validity of the results, because anyone can upload information online without checking by authorities.

Has the way people get information changed? Why and How?
Yes. People used to get information by some traditional ways, for example, from TV, newspaper and books. While, recently people prefer to get information on the phone and website, which are quicker and more diverse than traditional ways.