May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #41 Describe a water sports you would like to try in the future

Describe a water sports you would like to try in the future
You should say:
What sports it is
How you knew it
When you would like to try
And explain why you would like to try

I’d like to talk about scuba diving, which is my favorite water sports. Well, I never do this before, I only watched on TV or the Internet. The first time I watched it was years ago, when I was in high school. A friend of mine showed me the video about scuba diving on the Youtube. It’s awesome and exciting. The diver can see fish swimming in the crystal water and enjoy the breathtaking views. When he was deep under the water, he felt like a fish exploring a new world. It’s so quiet there.When the camera looked up,the view’s quite amusing, fish swimming above him just like flying in the sky. There were a few times that the diver tried to touch them,however,he didn’t make it. Since then,it’s become something i always dream about. I plan to try scuba diving next month when I travel to Maldives, where is a beautiful place. I want to be with those lovely fishes and discover the beautiful world under water.

Part 3

Do you think traveling by sea is as important today as it used to be in the past?
No, I don’t think so. With the development of modern technology, more and more transportation methods can be chosen by us. Compared to flight, sea travelling is time costing, however, it sure can bring other special luxurious experience to people.

Do people enjoy traveling by ship? Will people prefer other transportation in the future?
No, I’m not a big fan for sea travel, but only for sightseeing is okay to me. Because, I feel a little bit sea sick when I’m travelling by ship, also, its time wasting. For other transportation ways, in China, more and more people are turning to high speed train for the short and middle-distance travel, and for the long distance, plane is still the most favorable one.

Why do people go to seaside and what are they doing there?
Most of time, people go to the sea side for fun and leisure. Surfing, swimming, diving is all popular among sea side acclivities. Apart from that, a lot of people choose to walk with their dogs or jog along the beach when all-day’s work is done.

Do children and adults enjoy the same thing at the seaside?
Not really, actually in my perspective, adults and kids can barely share the same thing. For example, adults want to relax when they are at the seaside, like sun bathing. Whereas children, most likely, like to run or build sand castles there. I guess swimming is the activity which they both enjoy.

Do children prefer to go to seaside than adults? Why?
That depends on each people’s preference I suppose. Because people often go to the beach for different purposes. We can’t say who likes the seaside the most, but those who like sun lights, sea wind, marine creatures and beaches all big fans of that leisure, free and enjoyable place. Those are the general traits of people who likes to go to seaside.

Will seaside become more popular (Will more people go to seaside) in the future?
Yes, and in my opinion, of course. In the modern society, a lot of people are struggling from work, life or study. By going to the seaside, they can loosen their mind and change their attitude towards life. Moreover, they can do some exercise and hold social events along the seaside.