May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #42 Describe a quiz program or game show on TV

Describe a quiz program or game show on TV
You should say:
What it is
When you watch it
What it is about
And explain how you feel about the program

I’d like to talk about a game show called Chinese dictation Congress of Chinese characters, which is very popular in China in recent years. I watched this show when I was in senior high school and I want to practice some complicated characters by watching that. This game show is similar to National Spelling Bee in the US. Participants are students in schools and they are divided into different groups based on their educational background. The aim of this program is to arouse people’s interests on Chinese characters and learn the beauty of Chinese characters in games. The content of this program is just like its name. Participants listen to the speakers and write down the correct characters. I feel this program is useful and interesting because nowadays people rely on computer and typewriting. We always forget how to write some common characters. This program offers an opportunity for the public to recall those beautiful characters, which is an important part of Chinese culture.

Part 3

Do people in your country love watching TV? Why?
People in China love watching TV, especially for elder people. They usually watch TV after dinner in the living room with their family. That’s a time they have opportunity to chat with each other and share recent news. As for the elder people, TV is one good way for them to know the world and have fun.

Why do some people love to use computer to watch TV programs?
One reason is that people can skip the advertising on computer. They can chose to skip the opening and ending to save time. Another reason is that on computer, people can watch any programme that they like at any times, but on TV, they need to wait and follow time table.

There are many competition programs on TV nowadays, why?
I actually haven’t watched much TV for 5 or 6 years. But the answer for this one is for sure. There is competition for games, activities, events, food and so on. I think the reasons lead to this phenomenon are people’s fast moving demands and their need for relaxation.

Do you think competition is important at work places?
Yes, I do think so, since competition in most cases can drive extra energy, thus bringing more success at work. But here, what I mention is the proper competition, not those only do harm to employee’s mental health.

What kinds of jobs or work should not involve competition?
Those jobs and work need inspiration and creatives like artist, musician, writer and so on. Because, too much competition will standardize the process, thus bringing less and less new master piece to the world. And those are the works which need a happy and leisure environment.

What kinds of competitions are popular in your hometown?
Actually, I’m not an expert in this area, since I haven’t been back to my hometown for long. But I do hear that recently, a lot of old people in my hometown are holding dancing competitions, like square dancing. I found it interesting, but never had the chance to really experience it or be an audience once.

What do you think of those who lose in a competition?
I think they are all brave and brilliant people, no matter win or lose. Actually, lose in one competition doesn’t mean anything, the result may be influenced by a lot of factors. Everyone who has the guts to join the competition is a winner, and in my perspective, there won’t be a loser.