May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #43 Describe a time that you got up early in the morning

Describe a time that you got up early in the morning
You should say
When it was
Why you got up early
What you did after getting up
And explain how you felt about it

The time that I’m gonna talk to you about was when I had to get up super early to catch a flight to South Korea, because my flight was like, um … I can’t remember the exact time, but it was something like 6 or 7 in the morning, and I live about an hour away from the airport. And also bearing in mind that we had to check in at least an hour before take-off, I was up at about 4am, sometime around then. So for me, that’s, like, ridiculously early. I mean, most days, I’m normally up at around 7 o’clock-ish, so getting up at 4 was a pretty big change to the routine, as you can imagine! And I think I actually set two alarms just to make sure that I wouldn’t oversleep and miss the flight! But strangely enough, it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected.

I was feeling so excited about travelling to South Korea. So um, I thought I would I feel mega tired, but I actually woke up before my alarms went off. And um, if I remember correctly, I actually woke up several times in the night thinking it was time to get up. I was that excited! After getting up, I washed my face to refresh myself, dressed up neatly and checked all things I should take. It was also quite a nice feeling getting up before dawn because it was really quiet and peaceful, and the roads were virtually empty, which made a nice change.

Part 3

Why do some people like to get up early?
Well, I think it’s just their personal preferences. Perhaps they love the the morning sun and atmosphere.

Perhaps it is just part of their nature.
Which one is better for young people, study at night or in the morning?

Generally speaking, study in the morning is better as it is of benefit to their health. However, personally I like to study at night because I am more effective at night. And it is really difficult for me to get up early in the morning for study.

Is taking a nap at noon import?
Yes, I think taking a nap at noon is quite important, especially for those who have high-intensity work. Taking a nap at noon can make one more refreshed in the afternoon so that he can be more energetic to deal with the rest work.

What do you think of nightshift work?
In my opinion, nightshift work is difficult and a little painful. Nightshift work time is usually boring because the night is quiet and most people rest in the night. You may need to reset biological rhythms so that you can adapt the work requirement.

Who usually get up early, young people or old people?
Old people. Maybe it’s because old people are aware that they don’t have much time left, so they value the time very much and want to take full advantage of each and every day. However, there might be some biological reasons as well.

Will working late at night influence the next day’s work?
There will be some influence on the next day’s work if you work late at the previous night. But this influence can be reduced if you take in caffeine to stay awake on the next day.

Do young Chinese stay up late at night?
For all I know, a lot of Chinese youngsters stay up late at night due to various reasons. Some of them stay up late to do assignments for school, while some stay up late just because they are addicted to social media.

Is it easy to get up early for you?
Not at all. I am that kind of person who is used to staying up late at night because I am really addicted to my mobile phone. I love to watch series or movies on my phone in the evening and I got really attached to social media.

What do you do to guarantee a good sleep?
To guarantee a good sleep, I usually drink a glass of milk before going to bed. And sometimes I would play some soft melodies to help me go to sleep. The most important thing is that I would not bring my mobile phone to bed in case I couldn’t stop using it.

Can you sleep well if there is noise around?
It depends. If I am really exhausted at that moment, I can still fall a sleep if there’s a little noise. But too much noise would be really annoying and I might not be able to sleep well.