May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #44 Describe an advertisement that left you a deep impression

Describe an advertisement that left you a deep impression
You should say:
What it was
When you watched it
What content it was
And explain how felt about it

Well, an interesting advertisement just popped up in my head. I remember once I watched a commercial about a type of sunglasses when I was on vacation in United States. On the screen, you could see many vampires dancing. Em…You know, Americans love vampire-themed thins. In that advertisement, the vampires were having a party. They were singing and laughing with cheerful atmosphere. Yet suddenly the sun rose. All the vampires disappeared except one, the one who was wearing sunglasses.

It took viewers some time to think about the wise idea involved in this ad. I thought it was the most original and initiative commercial I had ever seen. It made a deep impression on me. Even if I am not going to buy their products, I may remember them. It is all known that vampires are afraid of sunlight. If vampires can be protected, people will be safe too. It says clearly that the sunglasses can prevent your eyes from strong sunshine. Finally, this ad convinced me and I decided to buy this sunglasses. Moreover, this advertisement is a good example shows that advertisement is as important as the quality of a product. A successful advertisement can help increase the sales.

Part 3

What types of advertisements are there?
There are both commercials and non-profitable ads. Besides, there are advertisements about daily necessities, automobiles or food.

What are the functions of advertisement?
Advertisements can help increase the sales of products, give information about new brands, and improve the reputation of an institution. Non-profit advertisements can educate people to protect wild animals, the environment or follow social norms.

What are the features of Chinese advertisements?
It’s really hard to say. On TV, beautiful women or famous stars are going to comment on the products. They persuade consumers to buy the products. They try to make people believe that they are going to be healthy, beautiful and respectable as long as they use the product.

What are the problems of advertisements?
There are too many advertisements, which take your interest away from TV programs. It is a waste of time. Also, some ads are misleading or cheating the consumers because they have exaggerated the functions.

What are the effects of advertisements on people?
Many people are attracted to buying what they don’t need. They spend more money than necessary.

What should be cared about in advertisements?
The content of advertisements should be true. Otherwise, people will be cheated by the false information. Exact information and effects should be the focus of ads. Otherwise, the wrong information will ruin the reputation of the company.

Do you think all advertisements are excellent?
I don’t think so. Some advertisements really make me feel sick. They repeat the same thing again and again. There is no artistic factor in it at all.