May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #45 Describe a prize you would like to win

Describe a prize you would like to win
You should say:
What it is
When you know the prize
What you need to do
And explain why you would like to win it

My school runs an art festival every year and I’d like to win Best Band Performance prize which is set for commending the brand that has the most outstanding and wonderful performance at the art festival.

I plays drum in a band, Monster, which is formed by 5 students. Out of our passion for music, we often play melodies and write songs together. Music gives us a chance to express ourselves. However, as there are lots of things we have to deal with, we cannot spend much time on the brand. Arguments and conflicts come as well. Therefore, when I heard of this prize from the poster of school art festival, I really hope we could win it. I wish this prize could be a force pushing us forward with confidence.

The brand is a teamwork. Without good cooperation, we can not stand confidently in the spotlight and express the music we have practiced for hundreds of times. We need to frequently get together to rehearse again and again so that we can polish our acting. And for me, I may pretend to play real drums at home and dormitory, waving my hands, hitting some books with pens and making different sound.
In fact, the prize is more than a performance. It is a dream of 5 music lovers. It will always impress the best upon our minds.

Part 3

Should schools establish awards?
I suppose schools should establish awards to encourage the students and teachers who have outstanding achievement in academics or other fields. An award can be considered to be an affirmative response to one’s performance and inspire him to carry on.

In what situations do young people (or, children) need advice?
Well, I think, young people sometimes need support or advice when they are experiencing challenges in their lives. As youngsters mostly have insufficient life experience and haven’t developed complete outlook and values, sometimes they can’t deal with challenges and problems properly, therefore good advice provided by seasoned adults or professional psychologists is extremely necessary.

What is the value of advice from older people?
The value of the advice from older people can be priceless sometimes, as their advice is basically based on their whole life experience. However, sometimes old people’s advice can also be useless not only because old people may also make mistakes, but also because each individual is unique, so other people’s advice might now be suitable for your situation.

Do young people always take (or, accept) the advice of their parents?
This is a really tricky question because it cannot be answered affirmatively as long as the word “always” is used. However, in my opinion, there are more young people who often accept their parents’ advice than the ones who seldom take advice from their parents, because everyone is aware that parents are usually more experienced and they will try to impart their lifetime of experience to their kids.

Do people ever get advice from strangers?
I think most people never got advice from strangers. The first reason is that most people don’t have much opportunity to talk with strangers deeply because they are not willing to tell their own privacy to strangers, therefore they wouldn’t ask for advice from strangers. The second reason is that people tend to not judge others’ behavior and decisions when first meet as it would be regarded as impolite.

What people in society give professional advice?
Teachers and psychologists, I think, as they have all received tertiary education and have been trained to give people guidance. So they are the most appropriate people to give professional advice.

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