May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #46 Describe a practical skill you know

Describe a practical skill you know. You should say:
What it is
how do you know it
do you want to learn it
why you think this skill is practical

I’d like to talk about driving, which is a practical skill in modern society. When I was 17-year-old, I wanted to have the experience of driving a car, and I was fed up with having to walk or take the bus or train whenever I wanted to go somewhere. I also knew that driving would be an extremely useful skill, so I was eager to learn this practical skill.

Therefore, I learnt to drive a car by taking lessons when I was 18. My parents paid for me to have lessons with a professional driving instructor, Mr. Wang. I learnt by practicing: first I had to get used to steering, changing gears and using the mirrors, then we practiced things like reversing and parking. I also had to learn the highway code.
My instructor, Mr. Wang, is a very experienced driver. And he is a very responsible person. He often used his leisure time to help me practice.
Being able to drive has helped me in so many years. Since the car is becoming an indispensable part of our daily life, and the public transport where I live isn’t very good, so I travel to work by car most days. Having a car makes my life much easier when it comes to things like shopping or visiting family and friends.

Part 3

What problems did you solve by using the practical skills you have mentioned above?
Before I learn to drive, my dad always can’t drink wine in the family party because we have to drive home. Now I can drive the car instead of him after he is drunk. And

Where do you think can gain more practical skills? In schools or other places?
I think I gain most of practical skills through works. It does not limit to the actual place, I believe. Because personally I learn them through the student work I did when I was in the Student Union of my university. That helped me a lot after I left the school and attend to work.

What kind of practical skills do you want to learn in the future? Why?
I want to learn python as soon as possible! I am an in-house lawyer and I have to deal with a large number of files and track the condition of the contracts. After learning python, I can write small programs for office automation, which can save a lot of times and work less overtime.