May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #48 Describe a lifestyle that you think is good

Describe a lifestyle that you think is good
You should say:
what it is
when did you start it
why did you choose this lifestyle

Different people have various views about what is a good lifestyle. Personally, I think a good lifestyle is to live a regular life. Every day, I get up around 7 o’clock on workdays and 8 o’clock on weekends and then have a big breakfast because I think breakfast is of great significance for our health.

On weekends, I either go hiking or reading books at home. But after dinner every day, both on workdays and weekends, I will run about 3 kilometers to ensure that I do some sports. I started this lifestyle about a year ago when I felt there was something wrong with my health.

In the past, I think I’m young and healthy. It’s unnecessary to have breakfast as long as I have enough sleep in the morning and I don’t need to do sports like running at all. But one day, the lift in my department didn’t work, so I had to climb stairs. I was living in 4th floor which is not very high. But I felt exhausted when I finally arrived at my home.

Suddenly, I felt that I need change my lifestyle and take care of my health. So I started to eat three meals regularly and do sports to build my body.

Part 3

How should schools teach students to live healthily?
Firstly, school should have PE class regularly, instead of replacing PE class with English class or Physical class; secondly, teachers should teach students what a healthy lifestyle is and what is good for their health.

What can doctors do to help people solve health-related problems?
Well, doctors can help people prevent disease in advance by telling them some basic healthy knowledge. And if people get sick, doctors are able to help prevent disease getting worse.

What do people in your country do to maintain health?
Some people choose to do more exercise in their free time by boosting their immunity, while some people choose to eat many kinds of health care products because they are lazy or don’t have time to do exercise.

What kinds of lifestyle are unhealthy?
For example, staying up late is a typical unhealthy lifestyle because your body can’t have enough rest. And eating too much fast food like McDonald also does harm to our body.

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