May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #49 Describe a piece of clothing you often wear

Describe a piece of clothing you often wear. You should say:
what it looks like;
how often you wear it;
where you got it;
and explain why you like it.

I’d like to talk about my sarong which is a kind of traditional lower garment worn by people in Bali, Indonesia. Last winter holiday, I went to Bali as a volunteer to teach students English and Chinese in primary school. Before we set out to Bali, the voluntary organization told us that we should wear sarong while teaching, which is the custom in Bali. I bought my sarong the first day when I arrived in Bali. On that day, we several volunteers went to Ubud together which is a traditional market selling souvenirs and all characteristic things. We bought sarong there. Actually, there are so many patterns and colors and I was spoilt for choice. At last, the shop owner selected a blue one with stripes for me and it fits me very much. The sarong is actually just a rectangular cloth. You have to use it to cover your lower body by wrapping it around the waist but it’s hard to tie it up and fix it. Every morning, workers of the voluntary organization helped us to wear sarong before we go to teach. Well after wearing it, it became impossible to run because you would be wrapped a bit tightly thus limiting your step width. Despite of that, I still found it interesting and fresh to wear it. Well my students and my friends all thought I looked pretty good in sarong. Moreover, I took several photos of me in sarong and showed them to my relatives after I went back home. They all thought the sarong was fabulous and they hoped that they can also have a chance to wear it. Now I can no longer find a proper occasion to wear it again in China so I treasure it carefully in my wardrobe. I really love it.

Part 3

Do Chinese people spend much money on clothes? (Why/ Why not)
Yes, I think so. Especially among young girls, who may be influenced by Korean culture and pay much attention to their appearances. As for Chinese people in general, with the improvement of living condition, people have more money to spend on clothing and related stuff, so they tend to spend money on the thing they like.

Do you think a person’s job affects the kinds of clothes that person wears?
Yes, the answer is sure. There’s a saying that you are what you are wearing. Most of the cases, we can tell what kind of job the people are doing by their appearances. A businessman or businesswoman wears suit and athletes wears sport clothes. There are also scenarios that acquire dress code, so a job really influences dressing style.

Do you think you can learn anything about a person from the clothes they wear? (e.g. their identity, interests, income, personality, mood (feeling) etc.)
No, I don’t think that could be possible. Because we do find and tell a person’s career by its looking. But that’s just some general characteristics that most people working in that position have. For the more specific traits, we need to really talk to the person, and maybe ask them about it. Everyone has secrets, if it is easily recognized by others from what they are wearing, there won’t be any secrets at all.

What are the differences between formal and casual clothes?
Formal clothes are like suits, tuxedos, evening dresses, which shows importance to the event or people.As for casual clothes, they are more comfortable to wear and cost lower than formal dresses. People usually wear formal clothes in big events and casual clothes in normal daily life.

In China, what are some occasions when people wear casual clothes?
That seems a lot, only in some occasions people need to wear formal clothes. Chinese people don’t really need to dress up when they are invited as a guest to a wedding. And other occasions like normal working day, travel, school days are all occasions Chinese people wearing whatever they want.

What style of clothes (formal or informal) do you think is most suitable for people working in an office? (Why)
I think informal clothes is more suitable for people who works in an office. Because working in an office should be comfortable. Only when wearing suitable and favorite clothes, can they feel happy to continue to work. Also, if people sitting in the office do not need to go out and meet clients, there’s no need wearing something tight and uncomfortable.

Why do you think fashions in clothes seem to be constantly changing?
I think fashion is rotated in a cycle. Clothes prevailed ten years ago may be popular now again. So, fashion is changing from time to time, but it’s also following a pattern. So, do fashion clothes. Designers who lead the trend decide the next popular style, as long as the mind is active, fashion clothes are always changing.

Why do some large companies or organizations require their employees to wear a uniform?
Because in my perspective, uniform represent a company’s belief and their spirit. Wearing a uniform can make the company standardized than those who don’t. Moreover, wearing uniform will bring a sense of belonging to the employee themselves, thus making the company more unite. That’s why large companies want their employees wear uniform. However, I don’t appreciate that.