May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #50 Describe a time you gave advice to others

Describe a time you gave advice to others. You should say:
who you gave the advice to;
what advice you gave;
why this person needed your advice;
and explain how useful the advice was.

Last summer, my friend Jay found an abandoned dog on a sidewalk and took it home. Because he had no experience of keeping dogs, I gave him a lot of positive suggestions. I said the dog should be sent to a pet hospital for a checkup. So, he took it there. The vet checked it up and prescribed some medicine for it. Back to home, he wanted to feed the dog some human food. I told him it was not a good idea to do so, as it might cause health problems. He looked up on the internet, and what I said made sense. So, he just feed dog food to it. I also recommended him to buy some dog snacks. He had never heard that there were snacks for dog. When he went online, he found all kinds of them. Jay loved the dog so much that he wanted to do anything to please it. Yet I told him that a dog was like a little baby. He should not spoil it, instead he should train it to behave well. so, because of my positive suggestions, Jay now have a very healthy, smart and well-behaved dog.

Part 3

In what situations do young people (or, children) need advice?
There are various situations, like choosing a college, choosing major, a job or even in some situation, choosing future house location. In these scenarios, people may feel lost about some situation and inexperienced, that’s why they need second or third opinions from others.

What is the value of advice from older people?
First of all, listening to the advice of older people has promoted well-being and even survival for millennial. Also, the elders offer an alternative to conventional wisdom, since they’ve experience more than we did.

Do young people always take (or, accept) the advice of their parents?
I think that depends on what kind of advice their parents are giving and what kind of parents they are. If they advise is positive and parents are knowledgeable, their advice should be taken, however, if not, the child may need a second opinion.

Do people ever get advice from strangers?
Of course, there are cases we take advice from strangers. No matter the person is our friends or not, as long as it’s good for us, we should take it into consideration. But we do need to think of the hazards to trust a stranger easily.

What people in society give professional advice?
Professionals, teachers, experts, and those who does well in their areas are those who give others advice. Actually, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, as long as others is better in one field than us, we should learn from them.