May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #55 Describe something you bought but have not used very much

Describe something you bought but have not used very much.
You should say:
what it is,
when did you get it,
how did you get it,
and explain why you have not used it very much.

Well, this topic reminds me of a pair of shoes that I bought last year. At that time, when I was browsing the internet, an advertise popped up. It introduced the shoes of Nike. There are many pictures in which many beautiful models wear different kinds of Nike shoes. At the first sight, I liked the white one with a silver line in the back of the shoe. The words next to the picture read that it is comfortable and light and suitable for running and climbing. I was totally attracted by it, so I opened Taobao, an app for online shopping, to buy it. After several days, I received my shoes. However, when I checked it, I found there were some defects and when I wear it, I didn’t think it was comfortable. Even when I walk for a short time, I would feel tired. I wanted to request a refund, but unfortunately, I missed the deadline that I can refund the shoes. Consequently, I keep this shoe until now, but I seldom wear it, unless I have no other shoes to wear.

Part 3

Do people in your country like to go shopping?
Of course. I think people all over the world like shopping, especially for girls and women, including me. When I is shopping, I will fell satisfied and happy.

Do many people buy things in street markets?
Some people like buying things in street market, while some prefer to buy goods in supermarket. Goods in street markets are relatively cheap, but it takes a lot of time to pick up the one with good quality.

What do you think are the pros and cons of shopping in a large department store?
In my opinion, goods in large departments are expensive but with good quality and reputation. In addition, in large departments, there are a larger variety of products from all over the world.

What are the differences (and similarities) between buying something in a shopping mall and buying something online?
When buying things in a shopping mall, we can touch it and see the practical goods. We can even try it on. However, online shopping is not so reliable. We buy the goods just relying on the words and pictures given by the seller.

For you (or, for most people), which is more important when you buy something, the price or the quality?
Personally, I give priority to quality when shopping, because a higher quality means it is durable and there won’t be many problems when using it, which save us lots of time and energy.

Do you often use recycling products?
Sometimes I will. For example, I will use the plastic bags I get when shopping to replace garbage bags. And some bottles can be used as flowerpot.

In your country, is recycling considered to be important?
Nowadays, the public in China has risen their awareness of recycling. But for most young people like me, we seldom recycle things because we think it wastes time.

Have people`s attitudes towards recycling changed in recent years?
I think so. In the past, only the poor will recycle things because they lack money. But now recycling becomes a popular trend when it relates to protecting the environment.