May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #59 Describe a book that you recently read

Describe a book that you recently read
You should say:
What it is
What it is about
Where you read it
And explain how you felt about it

I’d like to talk about a fascinating novel I read recently. It’s called gone girl. It’s a brilliant story. Believe it or not, I stayed up all night to finish it. It’s too good to be put aside.

It’s the bestselling thriller of the year, written by a famous American author who’s written a few books of this kind. But this one’s my favorite. Actually I watched the film first. I love the story. So later, I stopped by a book store and bought it back home. After reading it ,I have to say the it’s even better .
The story is about betrayal and revenge. The husband betrays his wife, having a love affair with a young girl, and plans to divorce her on their fifth wedding anniversary. When he comes back home, he finds his wife missing. He calls the police .But later, he finds all the evidences point at him. He’s suspected of murdering his wife and put behind bars. At the end, he finds out it’s a revenge from his smart wife.
It’s a story worth reading more than once. The plot is brilliant which makes me indulged in this book. Every time I read this book, I will feel excited and cannot help thinking what will happen next.

Part 3

How often do you read?
Actually, I read every day. since I’m a student, everyday my teachers will give us a list of reference books to read.
And if I have more time, I will read some novels that I like as well.

Do Chinese people like reading?
Yes, of course. Nowadays, people can not only read paper book, but also electronic books which is more convenient. Due to the easy access to books, more and more Chinese people like reading.

Do people with different reading levels buy the same kinds of reading materials?
I don’t think so. most people will buy books or other materials according to their reading level. I don’t think people will buy materials they don’t understand to trouble themselves.

What kinds of materials do you think people should read?
It depends. For children, they should read some story books. For young people, they could read some novels, magazines, newspapers. And for the old, newspapers, books about how to keep healthy may be their choices.

What benefits do young people get from reading?
Obviously, they can get knowledge or wisdom form reading. They can learn much experience from stories they read. And reading is a good way to relax.

Have you read another book by this same author?
No, this is the only book that I have read. But if I have time, I will try her other books.

What kind of books does women like to read? What about man? Why?
Women prefer love stories because they think it is romantic and they will feel touched by these love stories easily.However, men tend to read crime fictions, which are very thrill.

What kind of books does old people like to read? What about kids? Why?
For children, they should read some story books, because they are innocent and they can understand these books easily. And for the old, newspapers, books about how to keep healthy may be their choices since they care more about their health and news.

Do you think it’s necessary to read novel before watch the same movie? Why?
It depends. Some movies are better than books, while some are not. People always remake novel into movie because they want to show their work in a different way and let more people know their work.