May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #6 Describe someone you would like to become

Describe someone you would like to become.
You should say:
Who the person is
What the person is like
How you know the person
And explain why you would like to become the person

I’d like to become my uncle whom I set as my model when I was a child. My uncle is an accountant, so he is sensitive to numbers and good at maths. Although my uncle is now in his fifties, he looks much younger in his age because he has a very healthy lifestyle——never smokes or drinks.

Well as he is my uncle, I get to know him when I was a child. Once I heard of his stories from my family members. My uncle was born in a disadvantaged family and he realized that only knowledge could change his life when he was only a little boy. Therefore, he studied very hard and he became the first university student in that small village. He was majored in architecture, but later he found that he wanted to be an accountant. So in my childhood, I always saw him learning accounting by himself very hard. He did lots of exercises and read books carefully. At that time I thought my uncle has immersed into accounting. He has the passion to learn everything that he has an interest in even it is a field totally strange to him. I really appreciate this kind of spirit and therefore I want to be a person similar to him.

I feel grateful that I have such a good family member. He inspires me to study hard and never give up, which actually is essential for everyone during growth. I will always learn from my uncle and try to inherit everything good from him!


What kinds of people do children in China want to be similar to when they grow up?

Well it depends on children’s interest. For example, for children who like science, they may want to be similar to famous scientists such as Mrs. Curie. For those who like painting, they may set eminent painters like Qi Baishi as their models. To conclude, I think children want to grow into people who are now already famous in the field that children are interested in.

Do you think it is good for children and young people to use entertainment stars as models?

It depends. Some entertainment stars are quite hardworking. They have passion in their jobs and spare every effort to improve themselves so that they can always give the audience the best performance. I think it is good to regard them as models because their efforts can motivate us to work hard as well. However, there are also many celebrities who live a luxury live. Every day, they drive prestigious cars, wear expensive clothes but pay little attention to their jobs. Usually those stars have good appearance but are poor at acting, dancing or singing. If children or other young people view them as models, they may also tend to pursue material goods, which should be prevented.

Why do some companies advertise products by using famous people?

I guess this is because famous people can have a big influence on people. The public tend to trust famous people especially when the celebrity is the one they like or respect. In this case, sales can be promoted and companies can make more profits, though inviting celebrities to shoot advertisements for a certain product may cost a lot. However, I believe this is worthwhile in the long run.

Do you think this is good?

Well I think for products which do have good quality, it is good to do so. Thanks to those advertisements, such products can be popularized and well-known, which can help to raise our life standard to some extent. However, if the products being advertised are not good enough, it is certainly not good to do so. Customers would feel cheated and the reputation of the famous people who appeared in the advertisement may also be negatively influenced. In such situation, no one can be benefited.