May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #60 Describe a problem with equipment that you can’t solve

Describe a problem with equipment that you can’t solve
You should say:
what the equipment is
what the problem is
what you do with it
and explain how you feel when you can’t solve the problem.

Speaking of equipment, I’m indeed a computer illiterate. I know nearly nothing about computer except some basic rules. Last year, the touch screen of my computer didn’t work suddenly and I didn’t what happened at all. At first, I tried to figure out by myself. So I searched “what should I do if my computer touch screen doesn’t work? in “baidu”. And I found an answer, so I followed the steps and tried to solve my problem. However, the result of attempt was that my computer couldn’t even turn on. What a disaster! I felt so disappointed and even thought about buying a new computer. I swore I would never fit computer myself again. Then, I went to a repair shop asking for help. Fortunately, after the magic hand operating my computer, it was alive again. I was excited that my computer worked well.

Part 3:

Are you good at solving problems?
I think so. even though I can’t solve problems by myself, I will ask for help.

If your equipment is broken, would you replace it or just throw it? Why?
At first I will check if it still can be repaired and I will try to fix it. If there is no way to repair it, I will buy a new one to replace it if it is indispensable for me. And the broken one, maybe I will send to the shop for recycling.

Technology products make people lazy, do you agree with that? Why?

Totally agree. Take myself as an example, because of the application of laundry machine, I never do laundry myself again. And if one day, someone told me that I have to do laundry myself, I can’t imagine how I can live without it. We depend on technology products so much and we are accustomed to using them to save our time or labor. With their help, we are lazier than before.

How do we extend the life of our equipment? Why?
Firstly, we should obey the rules listed in user manual. Because we are not professional in these products, only when we follow the user manual, can we use it correctly and extend their life. Secondly, we should do regular check for these products. Once there is a problem, we can solve it as soon as possible. Finally, when there is a problem, do not fix it by ourselves but ask professionals for help unless you are very confident about your ability.

What things are necessary for life besides mobile phone and computer?
A lot of things. For example, food and clothing. These things are basic for a person to live. Actually, we can live without computers and mobile phones but can’t without food and clothing.

Do people buy a new one when something is broken?
It depends on the degree of the damage. If it can be fixed with a reasonable cost, people will fix it without buying a new one. However, if it can’t be fixed, they, of course, will buy a new one.

What are the reasons that something gets broken?
Maybe people don’t obey the rules listed in user manual. They just operate the machine at their own will. Then the machine will get broken easily.