May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #61 Describe an idea of vacation away from home

Describe an idea of vacation away from home
You should say:
Where will you go
Who will you go with
When will you go
And explain what will you do there

Thailand is a country which I really want to visit, and I have imagined many times to go travel there with my plan. There are several reasons why I like this country. On top of the reasons is its food. I am a big fan of Thai cuisine such as tom yum kung and kinds of curry. Additionally, the fantastic ocean view of many islands in the country is also attractive to me. It also means I can wear on my pretty swimwear on the beach and take photos there. In terms of who I would like to go with, she must be my best friend at the university. We have a lot in common including our interests and the food we love. She is fond of Thailand, too. According to the advice from the internet, the best time for travelers to visit Thailand is from November to February,because the temperature in this period of time is comfortable and it is the best time for snorkeling excursions. Besides taking photos on the beach and snorkeling, I will take the courses about how to do Thai cuisine there. This may be not a traditional activity for most travelers, but it is what I mostly want to do there. And I think this could be a unique and unforgettable experience for me.

Part 3

Do you think it’s necessary to have a plan for vacation? Why or why not?
Personally, I think it is a must to have a plan for vacation especially in a country whose language is not familiar to me. The most important reason is that without a detailed plan, I will probably have no idea to cope with the unexpected situations. And the situation may be worse when I go to a country whose language is beyond my ability.

People tend to spend more or less on travelling? Why?
This may vary from person to person. For students, they tend to spend less money on travelling due to lack of money. Most students do not have a stable salary and their money is limited, so the money should be put into the good use. While for some rich ones, they would like to spend more when they travel because they want to enjoy more during their vacation and they own enough money to do so.

What kind of holiday do people prefer? Why?
I don’t know what others think about this question. But for me, I like

Is it possible for people to have a cheap travel? Why or why not?
Yes, of course. In my opinion, cheap is a relative conception. The comparison should be made in the same country and the same period of traveling.

People think cheap hotel is better than expensive hotel, do you think so?
Sorry,I don’t think so. Maybe some people think that no matter the hotel is cheap or expensive, their functions are the same: provide guests a place to sleep. However, the fact is not the same as they think. Cheap hotels always just provide basic functions for its customers, while the expensive ones offer more functions, like swimming pool, fitness club and so on.