May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #63 Describe a historical building

Describe a historical building
You should say:
What it is
Where it is
What it is like
And explain how you feel about it

I’d like to talk about the Forbidden City which served as the home of emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government for almost 500 years. It is located in central Beijing and there are numerous visitors from all over the world every day. The historical buildings in it are all mater piece in architecture. These buildings are square in shape with a pyramidal roof, covering with golden tiles. Inside the building, each room is large and decorated with incredible carving. Some rooms have dragons, and some have phoenixes. The carving depends on who live in the room. The main colors of the building are red, golden and some blue which make people feel solemn and sovereign authority of emperors.

After visiting these historical buildings, I was impressed by the fine art and wisdom of our ancestors. I believe these buildings can represent the essence of our culture and wisdom.

Part 3

What should government do to protect historical buildings?
For one thing, the government should educate the public and enhance their awareness of protecting these historical buildings to avoid the phenomenon that many visitors draw or write their name on these buildings. For the other, the government can invest more money on these buildings to renovate these buildings to keep them in a good state.

How do people in China feel about old building?
Most of us believe that old buildings represent Chinese culture, which we should preserve. However, Chinese were careless about them in the past when the government knocked down many of the ancient style buildings in order to develop transportations or modern facilities. There are too many people in China that we have not that much land relatively, so we have to destruct some old buildings to make space for development from time to time.Meanwhile, local governments of several historical cities may have their own plan to preserve the original view of the main town, so they would retain some special parts of the cities.

Is it important to preserve old buildings? (Why?)
Preserving old buildings is important, for a number of reasons. Old buildings are of their time, and often they are quite extraordinary. Some old buildings are extraordinary works of architecture that couldn’t be remade today. They can exist as a type of monument that speak to a specific time in our history, and represent a continuity with out past. Other buildings are by influential architects and are worth preserving for their aesthetic and historical value.

What aspect of culture do old buildings reflect?
Some buildings are reflection of the beautiful architectural work . The art ,craft and creativity preserved in these buildings represent our rich cultural heritage and values practiced by our Ancestors.

What changes to housing do you think will occur in the future?
In my opinion, the housing in the future will be more artificial intelligent due to the fast development of science and technology. Meanwhile, more and more tall buildings will be built instead of short buildings as there might be more people.

Describe the kind of housing you would like to live in, in the future.
I would like to live in a big house with a small yard, so that I could plant some vegetables in the yard and have enough space to raise dogs. Also, big house gives me enough space to do the things I want, for example, having a movie room in the house so that I could watch movies with my family and friends at home.

How do you think the climate of a place effects the way building are constructed (or designed) ?
Weather conditions affect the design, construction and performance of buildings. Different weather types in a place decide the shapes, materials and even the painting of the buildings.