May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #65 Describe an ideal home (house or apartment) that you would like to live in

Describe an ideal home (house or apartment) that you would like to live in.
You should say: where it would be;
what type of home it would be;
who you would like to live with;
and explain why you would like to live in this place.

My ideal house is one which is located in the countryside. I want to live close to nature, because I can enjoy fresh air and feel relaxed on weekends. I want it to be a two-storey house built on a green-covered mountain, facing a blue lake. A path lined by bushes and flowers leads the way to the front door. And around the house there are apple and cherry trees. I really care about my bedroom, where I am going to put in a king size bed. I want to have to a good sleep in the evening. The sitting room is on the second floor with a balcony facing the sea. I fancied that house at the first sight, and it is the one I had been dreaming of. As to how to get it, I think I will try to work hard and earn enough money to afford the house. If possible, I’d like to design the house by myself and build it with my own effort.

Part 3

What`s the different of people`s living habits between nowadays and past?
People in the past live in their own house with small garden, where they can grow vegetables. While nowadays, people live in high buildings in big city and have less chance to meet their neighborhood.

Do you think the future homes will be the same as they are now?
I think future homes will be close to nature that they are now. Maybe people can have their own garden in their house.

What type of house do Chinese people like? Why?
Chinese people like big house, because Chinese people like to live with their families so big house have enough space for a big family to live in.

What`s the disadvantage of living in apartment?
People have less opportunity to communicate with their neighbor.

What are the difference of living in big cities and living in the countryside?
The traffic in big cities can be terrible, especially in rush hours. While living in the countryside, people can get close to the nature and there will be less noise than living in big cities.

What are different between the traditional style of houses and modern?
There are lots of modern facilities inside the house nowadays, and we enjoy the comfortable place. As for old houses, we taste what history is like, and get a feeling of several hundred years ago.