May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #7 Describe a person who made you laugh happily when you were a child

Describe a person who made you laugh happily when you were a child.
You should say:
Who this person is
What this person did to make you laugh Why this person made you laugh And how you felt about it

Well, I remember a very funny event that happened when I was about twelve years old. I am really happy to describe it here.

That person who made me laugh was the little boy living in my neighborhood at that time. He is nine years younger than me. I was invited by his parents to their place for the first time on the occasion of the birthday of that little boy. The child, Xiaoming, turned three on that day. But he was a bit different than most of the average children, at least that was my impression.

His parents had arranged a party for Xiaoming and I were also invited there. I was quite comfortable with that family as they are all very nice people. We were in fact neighbors and been living there for three years. So, I met Xiaoming just after he was born. The child did the special thing once it received the gift from his parents, which is a large water gun. In fact, Xiaoming was fond of guns and thus he desired for the gun to his parents all the time.

Xiaoming watched many television shows and knew that the guns are used to shoot. So, he started playing with the gun. He refilled the gun with water and pointed that to the guests and shoots them with water. He wanted to have fun and did so. But finally, when the water was finished and his parents did not allow him to refill with water, he shot them.

When he shot his dad, the dad fell on the ground. When he shot his mother, she also fell in the ground as if she died. He was surprised. He could not decide what to do. So, he shot himself and fell beside his mother until they stopped pretending to be dead.

The entire event was hilarious and made me laugh with all other invited kids. He was confused what to do when he shot his parents. So, finding no other options left, he killed himself. In fact, it proved his guiltiness but the representation of the situation was really interesting that everyone could not stop laughing with this scenario. Despite the issue being a grave one, it was a kind of comical event. So, I laughed with my heart. In fact, it was the rapid decision making skill of the child and the implementation of the decision without any hesitation was the key element of the genuine laughter.


What can make children laugh?

As the mindset of a small child is very simple and optimistic, he has quite an outgoing and relaxed attitude towards life. What a child does is to play and he also receives much protection and care from their parents. They don’t have to worry much about how to make ends meet or other complicated situations in life. Moreover, they tend to take things less seriously and only retain sweet memories in their minds.

What do you think is the best age for people to have children?

I think there’s not a standard answer for this question. People should have children when they are really ready, both mentally and financially. As raising children cost a lot, not only money but also much time, patience, energy, etc, etc. The most important thing is that parents should be very responsible for their children.

Do you think people should be trained before they become parents?

Though currently people don’t get trained before they become parents now, I do think that this kind of training is necessary. Being a parent is not easy, it requires much time, money, patience, etc. If people are not aware of what they should do, it is a irresponsible behavior. However, having this kind of training can prepare people for being a good parent, which is beneficial to both parents and children.

Do you think childhood is the most important in one’s development?

Yes, I do think so. Childhood is a period of time when children develop their outlook and values towards this world. Everything happened around may have an influence on the children’s mindset. As a result, it is the most crucial time for children’s development.