May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #9 Describe a successful experience of your friends

Describe a successful experience of your friends
You should say:
Who he/she is
When he/she did it
How you felt about it
And why you think it is successful

I’d like to talk about my friend Echo’s achievement that she managed to lose 20 pounds of fat. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? She’s very proud of herself.
As to how she did it. She stick to a diet. Actually, she still carefully calculate how many calories she consume every meal. she eat healthy food only, though it’s really hard for the first few weeks. she admitted that burgers taste better than oatmeal and most vegetables. she also built a workout plan. Every day, she do exercise for like 90 minutes. Half hour aerobic exercise, like jogging, jumping rope, sort of things and one hour weightlifting training. Nothing is harder than transforming your body into the shape you like. It takes great effort and lots of hard work. You need to have determination to do it. In the past, she had tried some crazy things to lose weight, such as drinking organic vege juice all day instead of eating real food, jogging 8 miles every morning without breakfast. However, none of those ever worked. For most of time, she quitted halfway.

I think it is successful because it’s not easy. It took her 3 months of hard work. I saw many photos of body transformation that many people posted their photos which record the changes of their bodyshapes. I thought it would never happen on my friend. Actually, I still can’t believe that it really happened. she made it.

Part 3

How would you define the word “success”?

I think the success of something is the fact that it works in a satisfactory way or has the result that is intended.

In your society, how is a person`s social status evaluated?

People’s status can be evaluated according to their educational achievement, their business, their family and their personal characteristics.

Do you think “success” is the same as making a lot of money?

It is not the same thing. Most of the success people can make a lot of money, but the people who make a lot of money are not always a success.

How successful would you say you have been in your studies?

I think if I make an improvement that I used to be, then I make a success, so I compare my achievement to myself. In my studies, I think I’ve done quiet well, I meet my professor’s requirement and I finished what I want to do in this semester.

Do you and your parents have the same ideas about success?

From my parents perspective, having a happy family can be a success, but it’s different from what I say about success. I think if a person can achieve his or her personal goal, then he is a success.

In recent years, have people`s ideas about success changed in China?

Yes, people’s definition about success changed in recent years. Maybe in the past, people think making a lot of money is a big success, but now, making money is just one of the condition to be success, or maybe not.

Why do many people have plans and goals for themselves?

People need to have plans to motivate themselves, so they can have a reason and goal to work for it.

How can a person become successful at his or her job?

He needs to follow the company’s instructions and finish what he asked to do in time. And he can make some contribution to his work.

Some people work at a job that they don`t really like,why they do that?

The society and life pressure made people to do that, because they have to earn money to feed themselves.