May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic#10 Visit relatives

1.Do you often visit your relatives?
2.What do you do when visiting relatives?
3.When was the last time you visited a relative?
4.Why do people visit their relatives?

1.Not very often, maybe once or twice a year. Since I’m still a college school student, I live far away from my relatives. The only occasions I can meet them is during summer and winter break. And the relationship between relatives in my family is not very strong, honestly speaking.
2.Most of cases, I find it dull and boring when visiting a relative. So, playing video games with my cousins and killing time by smart phone are what I usually do. Honestly, I hate visiting relatives, some questions asked by relatives may make me uncomfortable, which is too personal.
3.I’d say 3 months ago, during Chinese New Year. There’s a tradition in China that visiting relatives in Chinese New Year, which shows love and caring in a family. I do like my last visit to my aunt, that’s when I got my luck money.
4.Well, different purposes. Some are for love, some want to maintain fake relation, or have a request from themself and need help from their relatives. I think Chinese people visit their relatives less than before, don’t know it’s result from the one child policy or the fast moving living style.