May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic#11 Market

1. What do street market sell?
2. Are there many street markets in China?
3. What are the differences between street markets and supermarkets?
4. Do you often go to the supermarket?

1.In China, most of cases, food and snakes. But recent years, the number of street shops dropped because of government regulation. Other than that, some normal living merchandise like socks and gloves are also sold on street. But I don’t think it’s prevailing anymore, due to the development of online shopping.

2.If we look at the general number, the answer is yes, especially in the middle side of China. But compared to past, the number is dropping. The reasons are various, people are becoming wealthier, and the government control is becoming more severe. Those all lead to the deduction number of street markets. Not along the numerous shops online, who are also strong competitors.

3.Street markets sell limited range of products while supermarkets contains more product range and open in a regular time. Moreover, street markets also sell second hand products which supermarkets won’t.

4.Before, not really. But now, since I rent an apartment and live by my own, I go to the supermarket once a week. I go there to buy a week’s grocery and prepare for next week. I really enjoy going their, buying stuff and making plans for a week make me think I’m an independent person, which also reminds me my life living abroad alone.