May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic#12 Borrowing/lending

1.Have your borrowed books from others?
2.Have you ever borrowed money from others?
3.Do you like to lend things to others?
4.How do you feel when people don’t return things they borrowed from you?

1.No, I haven’t, as far as I can recalled. Personally, I’m not a borrower myself, I hate to feel like I own somebody something. I always want to have my own space and own stuff, though sounds a little bit self-centered and selfish. And also, I’m not that into reading, if that relates to books other than the text book.

2.Yes, maybe couple of times, but not much. There’s once all my savings are in a fixed account and I can’t withdraw money from it shortly. I need to book my ticket immediately, so, my friend lent me money and transferred it through wechat.

3.Not really, as I say, I’m not a borrower. On the other hand, I’m also not a lender. Since it’s always a hard mission for me to remind others and also remember that someone owes me money or things. In my perspective, this will jeopardize the relationship or friendship if someone forget.

4.First, I really hate that. Because, in most of cases, when people borrow things, they always promise that they will return in a short time. But with time pass by, some of them just forget about what they’ve borrowed from me and continue with their life. I don’t think it’s good if a person can’t keep their promise.