May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #3 Smile

1.When do people smile to others?
2.Do you smile when someone takes photos for you?
3.Can you feel it when someone’s smile is fake?

1.When we smile we defuse many negative situations.For example, when we get help form others, when we want to make others consider that we are approachable, when we need to show respect to others,etc. To smile is offer goodwill to others.

2.Yes,of course. I mean, it’s like a habit. I don’t want to show a solemn face in the photos, so I usually keep smiling.

3.Well, I think the big difference lies in people’s eyes. If a person smiles truly, his or her eyes will smile as well instead of being glazed. And people who make fake smile always say words that are not polite