Yourself | IELTS Speaking Part 1 Question with Answer and Audio


1.What is your full name please?

I’m Tang Xiaojiao, but you can call me Jenny. That is my English name and I chose it a long time ago.

2.How do I spell your last name please?

(Last name = surname = family name. Be carefill!)

It’s Tang, T-A-N-G.

3.Does your Chinese name have a special meaning?

Yes, it does. My first name Xiaojiao means Tittle crying.” I guess that when I was a baby I used to be pretty loud.

My parents chose to call me Xin Zhang, and it’s a pretty common name. Xin means “heart” and Zhang means “articles,” you know, “essays.” My folks ( = parents) wanted me to be smart and well-read, you know, knowledgeable. They put a lot of pressure on my shoulders with this name.

My name is Yaning. Ya means that I am the second child of the family, and Ning means “silence.” I guess that when I was a child I used to be very calm.

4.Do you like your name? And will you change it in the future?

I quite like my name, Xiaojiao, and there is no need for me to change it. My name is very unique. I don’t think that anyone else in China was ever given the same first name. My father really wanted to be original. My name is who I am. It’s part of my identity, and it’s meaningful to me.

I like my name because of its meaning, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Although my name is very common in China, I am used to being called Yaning, and changing my name now would just be weird (= strange).

5.Why do some people change their names?

Well, most probably because they simply dislike them. They might not be happy with the way they sound. Actually, I have heard of some people who have changed their names because they did not match their feng shui, you know, the belief that you can receive positive energy from different things. It’s an ancient Chinese thing. In my country, a name could bring you good fortune. It’s all about destiny. Personally, I have never met anyone who has changed their name, only in movies when some people need to create a new identity for themselves, or a new life to escape from a horrible situation in their past.

6.Very good, thank you. Miss Tang, when were you born?

I was born in 1993. My birthday is on December the 3rd. This year I am turning 20.

7.Tell me a few things about yourself.

Okay, no problem. I was born in a small town in Fujian Province, about 300 kilometers north of Fuzhou. I was raised there until the age of 18 when I moved to Fuzhou to attend university. I am currently studying accounting, and I have another two years to go before I get a Bachelor’s degree. I am sitting in front of you today because I intend to continue my studies in Australia, possibly next year. As far as my hobbies go, I like listening to music and exercising. I enjoy jogging and playing badminton with friends. I am a little shy depending on the situation, but I can also be very talkative when I hang out with my classmates.


I have been studying at university for two years.

I have been living in Fuzhou for 3 years now.

I have been working in the same company for 6 years now.

I have been studying English for a long time, even though I don’t often get

a chance to practice my speaking.

8.What would your friends say about you if I asked them? (for a girl)

Ha! That’s a good question; I should ask them. I believe my friends would say that I am considerate and sweet. I consider myself a kind person. I think that most of the people who know me would say that I am a responsible student who works hard to get what she wants. They would probably also add that I should relax more instead of being so careful with everything all the time. I am quite meticulous.

9.What would you like to change about your personality?

I definitely stress too much. I always worry too much about stuff. At school, I get very tense before the exams. Today in front of you I have sweaty hands and a knot in my stomach. I always want to do well so I suppose I put pressure on myself It’s quite common in China. In addition, I would like to be able to react faster, to be more quick-minded. Sometimes I am too slow; I always think of a good thing to say too late.

10.Do you have any regrets about the past?

Yes, definitely. Who doesn’t? I should have studied harder in high school to get into a better university. I should have arranged my schedule in a different way. I think I was not efficient enough at the time. In addition, a few years ago, my grandfather passed away. I was only 15, and I never really asked him any questions about his youth, or other things he experienced. I wasn’t curious enough when he was alive. That’s one of my main regrets.

11.Would you say that you look and act more like your father or your mother?

Well, people say I really look like my mother. We’ve got the same eyes and lips. But in terms of personality, I think I am a lot more like my Dad. We are both very calm and patient. We like things to be done well, whereas on the other hand, my mother is more energetic and impulsive (= spontaneous). I am a mix, a combination of the two of them. Unfortunately, I inherited my father’s shyness. You know, in today’s world, being shy is not always an advantage.

12.Do you have any bad habits?

It’s your turn to answer!

(Eating junk food, spitting, arriving late, smoking, going to bed late, being addicted to computer games…)