IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #37 Describe an vehicle you would like to buy

Describe an vehicle you would like to buy
What the vehicle is
When you want to buy it Whether it could be expensive
Why do you want to buy it

Sample answer:

I do not own a car and have been planning to purchase a personal car for the last 1 year. I have planned to purchase a car that would facilities me and my family members to go to different places as an alternative to the public transportation.

Currently, we use public transportations and because of that, we can’t plan our schedule in a flexible way. We have to heavily depend on the schedules of the public transportations and that kills lots of time. Waiting in a long queue for the bus is very inconvenient and we often feel the need of a personal car. I guess owning a personal car would give us lots of flexibilities and we would be able to go our together more frequently in our free time. We often cancel attending programs arranged by relatives and friends because of the heavy traffic jam on the road. A personal car would allow us to avoid the busy roads and attend more social programs.

I often get late for important meeting and schedules because of my dependency on the public car. Furthermore, in a personal car, I would be able to spend time the way I like and that would be relaxing while being in a public car is sometimes very exhausting.

Sometimes the shopping I do becomes cumbersome to carry on in a public transportation and my car would allow me to easily carry them home. We have 2-3 kids in our home and we feel unsafe to take them with us in public transportation. A personal car would ensure the safety for the kids as well on the street.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Why do people need to travel every day?
    Well, I suppose the main reasons are to go to work, school or university so they can attend their jobs, classes or whatever they need to do. They may need to simply tavel to their office and then stay there all day, or maybe they need to travel as part of their work, visiting customers or clients or fly to another city for an important meeting.
  2. What problems can people have when they are on their daily journey to work or school for example? Why is this?
    I suppose one of the most common ones would be traffic jams, which can sometimes be very bad at peak hours when everybody is trying to travel at the same time. Or maybe they miss the bus or train because they were a little late – and then have to wait for the next bus or train but arrive late at work or wherever they needed to go. Then of course they could be involved in a traffic accident, especially if they’re driving, and that can cause a lot of problems for them.
  3. Some people say that daily journeys like these will not be so common in the future. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
    That’s probably true, I mean more and more people are working from home now or even working on projects in different countries using technology and so they don’t need to physically travel to an office to do their work. It would certainly make traffic less of a problem in big cities if more people could do that. Another factor which could reduce the necessity for these daily trips is the fact that many universities are now offering their courses online so students don’t have to travel to the campus every day… and it’s highly probable that more work will be done in the future without the need for employees to be sitting in a company office.
  4. Is traffic a problem in your city?
    I come from (..say the city name…) and this city accommodates a large number of population. Due to this huge population and the increased number of public and private cars, the city often faces bad traffics.The number of people living in this city, the cars they are using and the public transportation they need is higher than the number of roads. As a result, the traffic jam often occurs and people have to suffer. Another reason for the traffic jam is the unauthorized parking if cars in the street. People do not often follow the exact traffic rules and because of their sincerity, we often face the horrible traffics in the street.
  5. Other possible questions:
    Why don’t people pay enough attention to traffic jam?
    What is the most dangerous vehicle in the traffic? Why?
    Why don’t people obey the traffic rules?
    Is your hometown suitable for tracking?
    Why do you think nowadays students use motorcycles much more than in the past?