May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #34 Describe an activity that you do when you are alone in your free time

Describe an activity that you do when you are alone in your free time
You should say:
What the activity is
Where you do it
How you felt about it
And explain why you do this activity

I’d like to talk about a computer game called the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which I would do when I am alone. It is a turn-based tactical role-playing simulation grand strategy wargames produced by Koei. Thirteen installments of the game have been published since 1985 and my favorite one is the 11th.

I usually play it on the Sunday afternoon when I have finished all my homework. But this is not fixed. If I am bored, I may turn on the computer and play for on or two hours even during the weekdays. There are also some times that I am so busy that I do no touch it for a month. The frequency highly depends on my daily routine.

It is a console game and the AI would play my enemies. So I do not need a partner or an opponent. But there was a time when my friends and I compete with each other to see who would be the first to unify the country.

The game is based on a period of real history in China when numerous heroes fought against each other and left their legends. By playing this game, you can change their destiny and experience their lives. That is why I like playing it when I am alone in my spare time.

Part 3

Do you have a plan for your free time? Why?
I don’t like to make a plan, especially for my free time. I usually have a good rest because I’m very tired on my working days.

Do you think young people are working too long?
Sure. In this aging society, young people need to work more than they are supposed to do, for there are no enough workforce.

Do you like flexible working hours? Why?
No. I’m not a person with regular habits and I’m procrastinating. If I have flexible working hours, I will have trouble in arranging my day and finishing my work.

Why some people like outdoor activities after work?
People want to breath fresh air and stretch their body after a sedentary work.

Why some people prefer stay at home after work?
Maybe they are tired from work and do not want to talk or meet other people. They just want to have a good rest in their own place.

Does busy make people’s work more productive? Why?
I don’t think so. busy and productive are different for people. busy people work hard but they may not have their direction. while productive people work hard and they work smart. they know their direction and work for it.