May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #36 Describe a time that you had to change your plan/you changed your mind

Describe a time that you had to change your plan/you changed your mind
You should say:
When this happened
What made you change the plan?
What the new plan was
And how you felt about the change

I was a person who don’t like to do exercise even though I know there are lots of benefits by doing so. However, I changed my mind these days and start to take exercise three times a week. There are two motivations for my change. Firstly, there was something wrong with my body last year. Fortunately, I’ve been cured, but it reminded me to be more physically active to improve my physical constitution. This can also help me to adapt to the new life in a different country better, since I will go abroad for further study in the near future. Another motivation is that I want to be in a good shape. My specific plan about how to do sport is to follow the video named “pump it up” three times a week. When it comes to my feeling about this change, I would say it is really a challenge to me and it also has some positive effect. In terms of challenge, it is hard for me to start exercising, especially for the first time. And about the positive effect, the most obvious one is that I do not feel tired so often compared with the situation before. In all, I like this change and I will persist doing exercises.

Part 3

Why people changed their mind frequently nowadays?
Vast quantities of information rushing into our life every day and quick changes in many things may probably lead to the phenomenon. The information and changes may give them new ideas frequently.

What do you do if you get sick before work? Why?
Firstly, I will see if I’m still alright to go to work and there is something important or vital work to do that day. Secondly, when I have to go to hospital, I will ask for a leave to my superior and prepare my work schedule and ask for help to my colleague to do some of my work. The reason why I do so is that I have to ensure my sick leave would not cause trouble for others and the company.

Do you think it’s good for people always changed their mind? Why or why not?
I don’t think so. In most situations, it is important for a person to insist on his own idea because it needs time to see if the idea is right or not.

Will you change your mind because of the surroundings? Why?
It depends. If I still think my mind is right after thinking over and over, I would choose to insist on my own idea. While if I find something wrong with my own idea or there’s something persuasive, I may change my mind. In most cases, I will not change my mind just because of the surroundings.